Her designs include innovative pairings of materials, such as leather and pearls, man-made diamonds with gemstones, asymmetrical shapes with unusual color combinations. Elv Petri Designs are Timeless Art Pieces.

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About Elvira Petri 

Elvira Petri is an amazingly unique designer with a special expression and a fabulous taste, imagination and creativity!
 She truly understands all aspects of art beauties: oil, water color paintings, drawings, graphics, jewelry, fashion design, sculpture, metal and wood carving. After all, she was an art professor at an acclaimed and world-famous Pedagogical University in Russia. Elvira's company, Elv Petri Design has been featured in over 400 boutiques and showrooms in Los Angeles and New York. Her designs are published worldwide, in such magazines as FCM, Icon, Vain Girl, La Fievre Magazine, Editorial, Elegant, Uncover, Respective, El Paseo. These art pieces appeared on TV shows like "Reality TV Make Over", "Boston Legal", also worn by tv anchors on CBS, Channel 5, Japanese Channel and many others.


The vast array of designs produced by Elvira includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for women, men and children, all made with semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, glass, crystals, and leather. She also uses in her unique designs various techniques like macrame, sewing, and wire wrappings.

Elvira designs one of a kind personal art pieces specific to individual style and budget; she selects stones that have just the right personality and energy for every wearer.